Cabin Four: Boutique Beverages

Camp Summary

Thirsty for Change? Kerry Camp represents two of the best waters in boutique beverages. If your hotel or restaurant desires to be set apart from the competition, check out the newest leading water companies around.

waiwera bottle

Waiwera Water

Established in 1875, Waiwera Water is one of the world’s oldest bottled water companies. Waiwera Water is still bottled with family pride at the source, a natural geothermal artesian aquifer located several miles beneath one of the purest places on Earth, the idyllic Waiwera Thermal Valley of New Zealand. In February 2008 international wine bible, Decanter magazine, named Waiwera Water “The Best in the World.” If you are currently using the “other” leading bottled water, it’s time to taste WW and feel the difference. For more information, email

activate drinks

Activate Drinks

ACTIVATE is a revolutionary new functional beverage where vitamins and other healthful ingredients are stored in a twist activated cap and release into water at the time of consumption. There are four functional flavors. VITAMIN-fruit punch, IMMUNITY-Orange, ANTIOXIDANT-Berry and ENERGY-Lemon-Lime. Each great tasting, potent product gives you fresh ingredients in only 5 calories per bottle. “Vitamins loose their potency sitting in water. We keep ours in the cap”. For more info email ACTIVATE - IT'S HID IN THE LID.

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