Cabin One (Boot Camp): Hotel Sales Training

All training is prepared and presented by Mr. Kerry Flowers. After 16 successful years as owner of a global hospitality sales, marketing, and technology company (producing over $12 million dollars of room revenue annually), Kerry is now offering his secrets to success to other candidates (through sales training) who desire to become Superstar Sales people. Let us provide you with “sales weapons of mass production”!

Day One

Overview of important sales guidelines, learning how to:

  • Prospect potential clients
  • Set effective appointments
  • Build on one’s own character to get the sale
  • Hold a room when giving a presentation
  • Create effective goals to become successful

Day Two

We will visit top travel agents and travel managers (pre-appointments made) in the Los Angeles area using the many skills we have learned on day 1. Our mission is to understand what an effective day is like in the field, while producing revenue for the hotel.

Day Three

Similar to day 2, we will continue to visit top travel companies in the Los Angeles area, cementing the skills we are learning. The afternoon will comprise of seeking out new business through guerilla sales (what is a cold call and how do I get in the door without an appointment?)

Day Four

This ½ day is set to follow up from our week in Sales Boot Camp. Candidate(s) will prepare a full sales report for grade. Will you pass or pass out?

Price: $2250

“Drop and give me 20… room nights!”

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