Cabin Two: Revenue Management & E-Commerce Training

Camp Summary:

Revenue Management is the art and science of what rate to sell, to whom, where, when, and why. Originally mastered by the airlines, hotels have eagerly adapted the skill resulting in significant increases in bottom line revenue and ADR. We will teach you how to maximize your potential based on an over-view of your hotel and its current goals, available reporting and staff level.

Learn About:

  • COMP SET ANALYSIS: A complete analysis on your comp set, your opportunities and challenges, and how they apply to Revenue Management.
  • RATE ANALYSIS: Learn to create an accurate and clean rate tier for your product, allowing for easy Yield Management on a daily basis.
  • GDS & HOD SCREEN AUDIT: Ensure your GDS presence is giving the Travel Community the information they need to confidently book your hotel.
  • ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCIES: Ensure you are using the extranets wisely, how to become a featured property, strategies for gaining the most from discounted channels.
  • E COMMERCE: Capture information and sending out meaningful newsletters without spamming. Is my website effective?
  • PAID PLACEMENT/PAY PER CLICK: Learn how to use pay per click; is it for you?

PRICE: $1,750 (This is a 1 ½ day training session)


Kerry Cooper
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